Make up Tips & Care - How to Apply Makeup - Guide to Cosmetics to enhance beauty offers tips about a variety of topics such as skin care, make up, blemish removal, and many others that will help you highlight your natural beauty.

Is there a secret behind putting on make-up? In a word, no. Applying make-up is about knowing how make-up works – how it makes one area stand out and another recede, why it glides over dry skin or adheres to oily skin. The best way to learn make-up is to experiment. Use this site as a guide, but remember, all advice is simply advice. Have fun! That's what make-up is for.

Perfect beauty is an elusive concept, but if you can feel good about yourself by enhancing your looks, you may find more joy in your life.

Makeup compliments human beauty

LOOK and feel great, whatever your age.
LEARN how to use make-up to create a new you.
DISCOVER treatments and techniques to make your skin, hair and nails glow.

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Hot Makeup Topics

How to apply makeup?

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup

Makeup Tools

Lighted makeup mirror
Japonesque Makeup Kit
Heated eyelash curler
Fabric cosmetic bag
Eyebrow Tweezers

Head Lice


Head Lice Prevention
Head Lice Causes
Head Lice Comb
Head Lice Cure
Head Lice Eggs
Head Lice Information
Head Lice Shampoo
Head Lice Treatment
How to Get Rid of Nits
White Nits
Lice and Nits
Naturally Cure Head Louse
Louse Homeopathic Treatment
Lice Home Remedy

Skin Diseases

Skin Disorders

Acne Conglobata
Acne Keloidalis
Acne Vulgaris
Alopecia Areata
Alopecia Mucinosa



Women Perfume
Angel Perfume
Armani Perfume
Beautiful Perfume
Britney Spears Perfume

Choose Make-up for Your Skin?


Ivory Skin
Olive Skin
Tawny Skin
Florid Skin
Blonde or Light Brown Hair Warm Skin
Dark Hair Pale Skin
Dark Hair Warm Skin
Light Black Skin Dark Hair
Dark Black Skin Dark Hair

Home Remedies Database

Home remedies for makeup

Sunburn Remedy
Home remedies for Acne
Wrinkles home remedy
How to get rid of cellulite?
Puffy Eyes remedies
Home remedies for Teeth Whitening
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Long Hairstyle Picture Gallery

Long Hairstyles

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Medium Hairstyles

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Short Hairstyles

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Steps of Aplying Makeup - Makeup tips

  • Don't get stuck in a rut. Every so often, experiment with your look by trying a new makeup product or playing with news ways to apply old favourites.
  • A thinner lower lip can look fuller if you use a slightly lighter shade of lip color than the shade you use on the upper lip.
  • After applying lipstick close your mouth around the middle knuckle of your index finger and slowly slide the finger out of your mouth - any potential teeth staining lipstick will end up on your finger.

Can you give a step by step guidance for getting made up in a hurry?

Here is a step guide for coping with the lack of time.

  • Put a tonic lotion or cold water on your face, wet a face cloth and pat your face briskly with it. Then dry it without rubbing.
  • Then spray your face with rose water and let it dry naturally.
  • Apply your base cream or use a moisturizing lotion if the skin is sensitive.
  • Spread over your face a liquid foundation, which does not contain powder or if your complexion is good, do not use foundation in the morning, just powder your face.
  • Powder the eyelashes and lips
  • Apply mascara to the outer edges of your eyelashes and with a very fine line, draw the eyeliner along the roots of the lashes.
  • Brush your eyebrows with castor oil.
  • Draw the outline of your mouth with a lip brush, press your lips on absorbant paperand fill in with lipstick.
  • With a damp face cloth, dab cold water on your powdered face, this will give a natural brightness to your complexion.
  • Comb your hair neatly, and you are ready for the show.


Can a toner be made at home?
You can make your own skin toner by making mixture of 2 tsp each cucumber and carrot juice. This is an excellent toner for skin, especially during winters. Vodka makes a good pore tightening astringent cum toner for oily skins.To tighten skin pores, cover the body with mixture of 2 piece cucumber, 2 tsp mint, ½ tsp of lemon juice and 2-3 drops of vinegar.

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Nail Art

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Beauty Makeup Tips
Use cotton dipped in raw milk on the face, neck, hands etc for 5-10 minutes gently. Wash after 20 minutes with fresh water. It clears scars, wrinkles and roughness of the skin.

A small amount of raw milk is needed for bathing, which makes the skin milky and soft. This is one of the best applications for dry skin.

MAC Cosmetics & Make up Tips

Makeup Art Cosmetics (M.A.C), is a brand of cosmetics, was created in Toronto, Canada by its founders Frank Toskan (make-up artist) and the Frank Angelo (businessman) in 1985.

MAC now is one of the most popular brand and company in the world with its products sold acroos more than 30 nations. The endorsements which the company uses in terms of make up artists, fashion models and fashion photographers have raised the popularity charts of the company to new and esteemed heights.

Why wear make-up (permanent, mineral, mirror, brush or theatrical make up) ?

YOU DON'T NEED MAKEUP-UP to be beautiful. We all know gorgeous women who never use make-up, as well as less attractive women who are never seen without a full face of paint. Make-up helps those of us who wish our cheekbones were higher, our skin more evenly toned, or our jaws more prominent. Make-up is also a way to celebrate those features we love and want to draw attention to, such as almond-shaped eyes or a rosebud mouth. And lastly, makeup is fun – or should be. From an unusual shade of eyeliner and long, flirty eyelashes, to a brighter-than-usual lipstick and a bit of sparkle across the cheekbones – make-up is the grown-up equivalent of dressing-up.

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