Acne Genes

The acne genes related to the skin conditions. The acne genes can severely reduce the length of the time used for acne to determine fully. The acne causes about the 90% of the all over the world. This is always starts in puberty when skin glands produce large amount of fat. The acne have the dead skin cells and fat blocks the pores on the face, upper arms, upper back, and chest. The reasearches found that the acne is caused by the certain bacteria.

The neonatal, nodulocystic acne and conglobate acne was confirmed by genetic influences. The entire genome of the bacterium and identified 2,333 genes. There are various function of many of the genes which are affected to the acne. The DermTech company can take out RNA from the strip for succeeding gene expression analysis using quantitative reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction techniques.