Acne is an inflammatory skin condition which is caused by the excess production of oil from sebaceous glands in which the hair follicles become plugged. Symptoms of acne may include blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, and in severe cases cysts and scarring. It can be evident by pimples that can appear on almost any part of the body, but are usually on the face. Heredity, diet, hygiene, stress, and general illness can aggravate acne which can be extremely upsetting to the young soldier. The most common form of acne is called acne vulgaris, which means common acne.

Acne Light - The researchers concluded that blue-light therapy is an effective acne treatment. Sun exposure has been shown to benefit acne.

Acne Mask - This easy to make acne Mask recipe has excellent absorbent powers that works to remove oils and toxins from your skin.

Acne Soap - Acne Soaps are used by almost all the acne patients for removing dirt, impurities, any type of infection. Wash twice a day with acne soap - You should wash your face twice a day with a sulfur based soap designed for acne.

Acne Surgery - Drainage and extraction, or “acne surgery” as it is also called, should not be performed by patients. Acne laser surgery fantastically works in both ways - eliminating acne scars and completely eradicating the existing acne lesions and boils.

Sulfur Acne - Sulfur is definitely useful in acne products. Sulfur has been used to treat acne for thousands of years for its peeling and drying actions, and is found in various washes, soaps, and creams.

Yasmin Acne - Everyone needs to stop bashing Yasmin if they have not used it for more than 3 months. Yasmin birth control pill for acne treatment is a monophasic combination birth control pill, which combines the two major female hormones, Estrogen and Progesterone.

Zeno Acne - As a bit of a gadget geek, high-tech beauty products are always on my radar, including Zeno, a handheld device designed to treat acne.  An integral digital timer controls the treatment time.

Zinc Acne - Did you know that using zinc for acne is effective in countering skin acne breakouts? Zinc is a mineral, which is very important for people with acne to remove acne from the skin.