Back Acne

The back acne is generally known as bacne. The back acne is general problem on the back, chest, shoulders and buttocks of many people. The back acne is the moderate to severe form of the acne. The back acne may be very harsh. The back acne can seen in the males and females, teens and adults. There are thousands of pores on the back. The back acne appear around puberty when the sebaceous glands prepare sebum. The back acne is caused by the stress, harmone, due to some medical treatments and so on. This back acne is manly seen on the back side of the body.

There are various treatments are available foe the back acne which can cure the the acne completely. For milder back acne a topical 10 percent benzoyl peroxide cream may be sufficient. The backpacks and purse straps may make worse the acne. The back acne is more sensitive and appears like the redness. For some times to the back acne prescription treatment take by the dermatologist. The back acne can be treated easily by using the prescribed medicine of the doctor. Avoid using body oils and comedogenic body lotions.For the treatment of the back acne may be used the benzoyl peroxide 2.5% in conjunction with another form.