Feline Acne

The feline acne is a generally seen in cats. Feline acne is a skin disease. The feline acne is appear on the cat's chin and lips. The feline acne is occur on any age and appear in the both type of sex. This is mostly occured on white or pale colored cats. The sebum is mainly appear in the chin, dorsal, ,scrotum, surface of the base of the tail, eyelids and prepuce. The sebaceous glands are connected to the hair follicles. These blackheads may causes the irritation, swollen, infected and conducting to pustules. 

 The causes of the feline acne are stress, suppressed immune system, less cleaning habits and some allergies. The condition may appear only once in the life of a cat. The symptoms of the feline acne is black spots, swelling, irritation. The feline acne can be controlled but not cure completely. There are so many treatments are used for the feline acne and they are benzoyl peroxide, Retin A, topical antibiotics and so on.

Prevention of Feline Acne

  • Clean the affected area with the antibacterial soap.
  • Washing dishes on a frequent and regular basis.
  • Washing the cat's chin after eating.
  • Medications are necessary if the chin is infected.
  • To switch food and water dishes to a stainless steel.
  • Applied 3-4 times per day with a clean cotton ball.