Hormonal Acne

The acne is a hormonal disease. The harmonal acne is an inflammatory skin disease. The hormones are dependable for the maturation of the oil glands in our skin. The harmonal acne is caused by the unbalanced level of the harmones and malfunction of sebaceous gland, stress, bacteria in the pores. The harmonal acne is appears during adolescence. In womens the harmonal level is chages at the yime of the including puberty, pregnancy, menopause. The young girls and boys going through hormonal changes during puberty shed skin more fast. The harmonal acne is occur at the age of 20 years and above this.

The male hormones are appear in both men and women. The hormonal changes are temporary. Androgen production stimulates sebaceous glands and cause them to enlarge. The harmonal acne is mostly appear in the womens than the mens. There are several treatment options available for women with hormonal acne. The harmonal acne contins the lesions on the lower face, mainly on the chin and the jaw line. The large amount of sebum is developed the greater chances of clogged follicles which results into pimples.