Material for Hair Setting

Question: What materials can be used for setting the hair?

Answer: Beer is very good material for setting the hair. Simply wet the hair before setting it. It gives the strong holding and helps in setting the hair neatly. The other items that can be used as setting lotions are gelatine and lemon. Lemon juice makes a good setting lotion, especially for greasy hair. Squeeze a lemon and use the diluted juice to obtain a firm set. It also makes the hair soft and shiny. Since lemon juice dries very fast, it can be used as an effective lacquer. To make lemon hair lacquer, cut a lemon in pieces and boil it with a cup of water until it reduces by half the quantity. Strain and use this as a hair lacquer. If you add a few drops of alcohol or Vodka, this lacquer can be kept for some time.