Applying makeup - Makeup Application

Using an eye shadow brush on your finger, cover the area of your eyelid up to the browbone with a pale neutral shade. More on Apply Eyeshadow

A damp eyeliner brush in your favorite eyeshadow will achieve the same effect as a regular eyeliner - and in a color of your choice. More on Apply Eye Liner

if you prefer liquid foundation, dot a tiny amount of the product on your forehead nose and chin before blending it in. More on Apply Foundation

If you ahve got particular good skin, you can skip the foundation and simply pat a bit of concealer onto areas that you feel could use some help. More on Apply Concealer

Taking the time to prepare your lips will give impressive and long-lasting results. More on Apply Lipstick

Mascara is the best kept to the upper lashes. As you apply mascara to your lashes, keep your eyes wide open and try not to blink too vigorously until your lashes are completely dry. More on Apply Mascara

Cream covers the skin with its oily crust preventing the cells from developing dryness. More on Apply Cream

Face powder should be used after all cream products. More on Apply Powder

The rouge should be of the same tinge as your skin. More on Apply Rouge

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