Concealer: Best makeup concealer

I love concealer. Also called cover-up, this highly concentrated product is like a super coverage foundation. I use it on a bright, broken blood vessel on my nose and on the small dark patches I have on each cheek. Other people pat it under their eyes to lighten up dark circles or dab it on spots to mask them (under eye concealer).

How to choose the best concealer?

When choosing a concealer, look for a product that is a half shade to a shade lighter than your complexion. The most popular concealers come in swivel-up sticks that look like a lipsticks, although they are also available in small tubes or pots, or in containers with sponge-tip applicatiors.

The thicker the formula, the more concentrated the product and the better the product's ability to hide skin blemishes. Thus the stick usually has the greatest coverage, followed by the pot, tube and sponge-tip container respectively.

How to apply concealer?

When applying concealers, use your third or fourth finger and liberally pat the product onto the area to be covered. You can use a makeup sponge, but the sponge absorbs so much of the product that you are better off with your finger. Whatever you use, remember to pat, not rub, so that you don't accidentally wipe off any make-up.

Concealer Tip

If you have ever wondered about those colors tinted concealers, here's the low-down: yellow-tinted shades lighten brownish discoloration and purplish or grayish scars, while green-tinted shades neutralize redness.

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