How to Apply Cream?

Applying face cream on the face in large quantity is simply wasting it. Cream keeps the skin healthy and beautiful. It covers the skin with its oily crust preventing the cells from developing dryness. The correct way to apply cream on your face is as under:

1. Take cream on your fingers, apply it on the face and massage it slowly upwards to the middle portion of the face.

2. Then apply cream on the middle of the forehead and massage from the inward corners of the eyebrows, outwards. Then from the mid-point of the eyebrows move down below the eyes with a circular motion. Massage the nose from its upper part downwards and then to nostrils, from nostrils to the temples.

3. Apply cream on the upper lip and move towards the cheeks. Then apply cream below the lower lip and move down till you reach below the chin. In the end, apply cream below the chin and massage downwards.

4. Apply cream and rub it in well so that it gets absorbed. The cream should be used on the face, neck and those parts which are exposed.

5. In order to protect the skin from the heat-wave and scorching summer sun use some good sun-screening cream or lotion. Clean it at night before retiring to bed.

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