How to apply Foundation?

Foundation cream or lotion plays an important role in giving a smooth look to the face. It is applied on the facial skin as a basis of make-up so as to heighten the glow on the cheeks. Foundation is applied before make-up. First clean your face with deep cleansing milk. Foundation is not only the base of make-up; it is also a protecting agent of the skin, as well as effective medium to hide pimples, shadows and other spots. The face looks clean, soft and fresh. Foundation evens out your skin tone, lifting and enhancing your natural complexion. It provides a smooth constant base for the rest of the colors to sit on. Many foundations have built-in sun screens and moisturizers to shield your skin from losing moisture and forming premature wrinkles.

The following steps are recommended for applying foundation:

1. Cleanse your skin with deep cleansing milk.

2. Take a small quantity of foundation on your left palm and apply a little on your face with the fingers of your right hand. Instead of fingers, you can also apply it with a cotton wool swab dipped in rose water.

3. Apply foundation on your neck also, otherwise your neck will look darker than your face.

4. Foundation is applied in an upward motion from the chin onwards, with the tips of fingers, thus it gets absorbed in the skin.

5. Let foundation dry before starting your makeup.

6. For dry skin it is necessary to apply glycerine with a cotton wool swab before using foundation. If the skin is oily, use astringent lotion mixed with rose water or two drops lemon juice.

7. Now apply foundation and make it even by rubbing the face lightly with tissue paper. Then clean your face, eyebrows and eye lashes to remove all extra foundation sticking over them. .

Here are a few important tips on applying foundation:

•  The shape of the face can be changed to some extent by the use of foundation. If you have a round face, use a dark shade foundation. For square face and diamond-shaped face, use a darker shade of foundation on the jaw and the chin. .

•  If the skin below your eyes has a subdued color, you can heighten it by using darker shade on the spot. Similarly, shadows and black spots below the eyes can be hidden under a coating of light shade foundation.

•  If your cheek bones are raised, apply dark shade foundation below the cheeks.

•  Use foundation only on clean skin. Do not try to touch-up a stale make-up with foundation.

•  Apply lanolin-mixed foundation on dry skin.

•  The foundation should be a little darker than the shade of your natural complexion.

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