Lipstick: How to apply Lipstick?

Lipstick is used to beautify the lips, but if applied shabbily, it looks ugly. Before putting on lipstick clean the lips with a piece of cotton wool swab dipped in cleansing milk. Lipstick does not give luster if the lips are not clean. Do not use soap because lips have a soft skin. Here is a step-by-step guide to apply lipstick:

1. Clean the lips with a cotton wool swab dipped in cleansing milk, which helps to give luster.

2. Put a foundation cream on the lips and powder lightly. Let it dry and apply lipstick by first drawing an outline and then filling it in. Lipstick can be applied with a brush but it requires skill and practice. If the lipstick spreads on the lips, apply powder on the lips first, let it dry and then apply lipstick. Extra greasy foundation or tinted moisturizer can be used on delicate lips.

3. In case you feel uncomfortable applying lipstick while standing, because hands may shake and spread it, adjust the mirror on a table or use a dressing table, resting your elbows on the table or dressing table and then apply lipstick.

4. Put lipstick on the upper lip first, followed by the lower lip. Use a lighter tinge first and then a darker one for glow. After applying the light tinge, keep a tissue paper between your lips and wipe off the extra lipstick. Then use the darker color. Blend both colors with a brush. After applying lipstick, use Vaseline or cream which gives luster to the lips.

5. Lipstick can change the look of the lips. Broad lips can be made to look thin and vice versa. The shape of the lips can be molded to some extent. If you have a small face, use a light shade on the lower lip. For making thin lips look broad, increase the outline. Uneven lips can be given the desired shape according to the face by making an appropriate outline. For thickness apply two coats. Remove lipstick before retiring to bed. Remember, sub-standard products can spoil the skin of your lips.

6. If you have a small mouth, draw the outer outline with a dark shade lipstick and fill in the light shade lipstick with a lip liner.

7. Do not re-touch on a stale lipstick, it does not shine, nor does it look even.

8. Young women with a fair complexion, between 18 and 25, should use pink shades. Women with a dark complexion in this age group can use orange shades.

9. Women between 25 to 40 should go in for lighter shades. Working women should not use bright shades while going to work. Natural shades suit the girls.

10. The color of lipstick should match with the color of the eyes. For brown-eyed women, pink color lipstick is recommended; for black eyes, light crimson; for blue eyes scarlet and subdued brown; and for grayish eyes use orange shade.

12. With orange shade of your sari, use pink lipstick and with pink sari use crimson shade lipstick. You cannot match lipstick with each dress you wear, but try to match as much as you can.

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