Applying Mascara: How to apply mascara?

Sunken eyes look more sunken with eye-shadow. Use foundation instead of eye-shadow on such eyes. Mascara is applied with a brush at the root of the eyelashes and is applied up to the end. Mascara is available in many shades, though black is more popular. It should be used for evening make-up.

Remember the following tips for mascara eye make-up:

•  For night eye make-up, use black eye-liner, dark mascara and white eye-shadow.

•  For bluish or brown eyes, use black eye-liner and light blue mascara for the day time; and for evening, blue eye-liner, blue mascara and blue eye-shadow should be used.

•  Make sure to remove eye make-up at night. It is cleaned with baby oil. Close your eyes, apply baby oil on a cotton wool swab and scrub slowly, gently, keeping eyes closed. First clean the upper part and ends, then the lower part of the eyes, keeping your eyes open.

•  Some women are seen to be allergic to eye makeup. In this case the eyes redden, the skin around the eyes gets a burning sensation and the eyes usually remain watery. Beware of sub-standard eye make-up cosmetics. Always take care to wash your hands before applying eye make-up. Clean the brushes regularly to avoid infection.

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