Applying Powder: How to apply powder?

Powder is an effective beauty aid to make the skin look even, soft and attractive.

Powder is the last item of your face make-up. It is available in two forms-cake and powder.

While choosing a powder, keep in mind your complexion and choose a shade that goes with it. If the complexion of your facial skin and the shade of powder differ, the skin will look blotchy.

Do not use cake powder on oily skin, because it contains an oil-base. While using powder, be sure your locks of hair are not dangling on your face.

Apply powder with a clean, cotton puff and discard the used one.

Powder should be dabbed on the face slowly, dexterously with a steady hand, applying light pressure, so that it settles down in the pores. Dust off extra powder with a powder brush or a cotton wool pad.

If the powder is not well-set, the face looks blotchy. Powder gets stuck on eyebrows and eye-lashes, if not cleaned with an eyebrow brush. Brush extra powder off with an anti-clockwise movement, from the end of the eyebrow upwards.

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