Applying Rouge: How to apply Rouge?

Rouge is applied after the use of foundation cream. Most women lack the art of applying rouge effectively; they either apply it in excess or too less.

An excessive coating of rouge ruins natural beauty. Choice of wrong shades or mistake in using it properly makes a woman look ugly. Do not use rouge on the whole face including the temples and around the eyes.

The aim of applying rouge is to bring a glow to lusterless cheeks and make them attractive and natural. So, rouge should be so used as to heighten the natural lustre and not to display it by exaggerated use.

Rouge is available in three forms - liquid, cream and cake. Liquid and cream rouge is used after putting on foundation and before the use of powder. Whereas cake rouge is used after the application of powder.

The rouge should be of the same tinge as your skin. Fair skin needs lighter tinge whereas dark skin requires deep colors.

The purpose of applying rouge is to heighten the flush (red or pink glow) of the skin, so it should be applied only on those parts of the face which are naturally flushed.

Apply rouge on the cheek-bones, just below the eyes and towards the end of the eyes. Spread it with your fingers after applying it with a brush.

Do not apply rouge near the nose which otherwise would appear short and broad, nor near the eyes. If the rouge is spread below the cheeks, it gives an oldish look. The rouge applied on the chin gives an oval shape to the face.

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