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Eyebrow Arching - How to arch your eyebrows

Giving the eyebrow a perfect shape is what many women desire for. Eyebrow arching is the best way to do it. Eyebrow Arching is used for a perfect brow arch and shaped look eybrow. Eyebrow Arching is now becoming very popular because it is more precise and produces a beautiful uniform shape.

Steps on how to Arch Eyebrows

Start by combing the brows upward and away towards the hairline using Spiral Brush. Using a brow pencil or flat shadow, color in your brows using a color that is a shade darker than your hair color if you have light hair or a shade lighter if you have dark hair. To see where the brow should begin, using your pencil place it at the edge of your nose and connect this point to the corresponding inside corner of your eye. The line it makes is where the brow should begin. Hold the pencil to the same edge of the nose and connect it with the outer corner of the corresponding eye. If you continue that line, you will see where the brow will end. Tweeze away any hairs that do not fall into those lines.

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