Eyebrow Color

Maybe your eyebrows are so pale they seem invisible. You could have a brow that is thicker than its partner, or perhaps you have over-plucked. Fortunately, there are ways to augment what you have got.

Eyebrow pencils are best for defining existing brows and creating subtle shape changes such as adding an arch or making the eyebrow look thicker. Apply color where needed using light, feathery strokes. Alternatively, cream brow color is a waxy, water-resistant cream packaged in small pots or compacts. Easier to apply than eyebrow pencil – and with a more natural looking finish – cream color can be used to reshape brows and is a good choice for filling in patchy spots. Most cream brow color comes with a sponge tip applicator; or tries a small, tapered cosmetic brush. Cream color's slightly waxy consistency does not adhere well to oily skin – it's best for normal or dry complexions.

Cream color or eyebrow powder can be used to subtle reshape or thicken eyebrows or to enhance their tone and color.

Although there are special eyebrow powder colors on the market, a tan or brown eye shadow in a shade close to your eyebrow color will work equally well. Apply powder in the same way you would cream color, using a small, tapered cosmetic brush. Powder's dry consistency makes it a great, stay-fast option for oilier complexions. Eyebrow mascara, also called wand color or brow color, is the product to use if you had like to temporarily change the color of your eyebrow.


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