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Eyebrow Plucking

Preparing to pluck

Ready to shape up your eyebrows? Always bear in mind that your aim is to make the most of what you were born with. The best time to tweeze brows is after a shower or bath, when your hair is at its most pliable; this will make for easier and less painful plucking.

A soak in the bath will make you feel relaxed and the steam and hot water will open your hair follicles, making your eyebrows easier to pluck.

If you have especially sensitive skin, consider numbing the brow area with an analgesic such as Anbesol before plucking.

Plucking tips: How to pluck your eyebrows?

Stand or sit in front of a mirror. Natural light is ideal, but bright artificial light will also work. Identify obvious stray hairs between brows, under brows and at brows' outer corner. Using a good-gripping pair of pluckers, grasp individual hairs near their roots. With swift, sharp movements, pluck hair in the direction it is growing.

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