Eyebrow Tweezing

Tweezing is the most popular method of eyebrow shaping. When it comes to at-home eyebrow shaping, tweezing rules. It's fast, easy, cheap, effective and precise, allowing you to work with one hair at a time. Tweezers come in several styles, each with its own virtues:

Needle-nose tweezers – These feature thin, needle-like tips. Their slimness allows you to maneuver easily in patches of dense hair, so that you can target only those hairs you want to remove. Needle-nose tweezers are ideal for grasping short, hard-to-pluck hairs and ultra-fine hairs. They are a favorite of make-up artists and beauticians and can be purchased in cosmetic boutiques and beauty-supply stores.

Blunt-edged tweezers – These are the tweezers most widely available. Their blunt ends provide a firm grip, making this the ideal tool for anyone who suffers from coarse, hard-to-pluck hair.

Slant-edged tweezers – Terrific general purpose tweezers, they offer a slightly tighter grip than needle-nose tweezers and more precision than blunt-edged tweezers. Found in cosmetic boutiques and beauty-supply stores.

Tips for Eyebrow Tweezing

  • Blunt-edged tweezers are ideal for plucking coarse hair because they offer a firm grasp.
  • Avoid tweezers with weak grips, which make it hard to grasp single hairs. You need to have a firm hold on a hair before you tweak.

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