1940s Hairstyles

1940’s hairstyles are one of the most fashionable hairstyles for women in the history of hair fashion. The 1940’s hairstyle has lot of curls and updos. The 1940’s hairstyles were beautiful but it took a lot of time to get. To curls the hairs rollers to was a common factor in 1940’s period. 1940’s hairstyles are frequently styled with updos and with plenty of curls.

Pin curls and ringlet curls is also one of the well-known 1940’s hairstyles. The pin curls are very basic types of curls. These hairstyles done over all area of the head and  pin curls are used to curl smaller portions of the hair.  The curls are used to frame the shape of the face.

How to achieve the look of the 1940’s hairstyles

To achieving the look of the 1940’s hairstyles generally takes a lot of time due to its careful styles and designs. Though in the earlier years, rollers instrument was used to achieve these soft curls for the hair. These soft curls are only done on the hair ends so that the women of that time wear hat for easiness.

Pin Curls 1940’s Updo Hairstyles for Women

Pin Curls updos were a great selection of a hairstyle in the 1940’s because they were easy to develop and can be used on all types of hair textures and lengths. Pin curls are used to curl the entire head or used partly in the hairstyle like for a bang or only the top and front sections of the hair.

1940s Victory Roll Hairstyle

1940's, the victory roll hairstyle was crazily famous. These hairstyle were t before blow-dryers so it was needs to come up with ways to style hair that worked for them back then. Victory wear put pin curls in her wet hair at night and sleep on them to be styled in the morning. Sections of hair were wound around fingertips and tenable to the head with bobby pins. This gave the hair body and curl.

Instructions for 1940’s Hairstyles

  • For doing 1940’s hairstyles you require proper infornation which is a key of your hairstyle.
  • To achieve this 1940’s hairstyles watch movies of 1940’s and observe closely how the actresses of that era have styled their hair.
  • Take a decission of which hairstyle is matches to your hair lenght, facial shape and face.
  • Part your hair in middle perfectly before styling your hair.

Photos of 1940’s Hairstyles

The Images shows the different hairstyle of the 1940's withe decorative hats. These photos give you idea of 1940's hairstyle. Mostyle these hairstyle are worn by many acctress of 1940's year.

Tips for 1940s Hairstyles

  • For curls roller is used during the 40's hairstyle.
  • To create the perfect 1940's hairstyle look the pictures online which is best way for that.
  • Use a wide barreled heated tong to curl small sections of hair.
  • The curls in the third row must be move clockwise with the stems going back to give body and fullness to the hair.

Famous Celebrity Forties Hairstyles

  • Loretta Young
  • Mary Anderson pinup
  • Jane Rhodes
  • Laraine Day
  • Joan Crawford
  • Rita Hayworth