50s Pin Curls Updos Hairstyle

To create a pin curls updo is to be difficult, it slightly challenging at first. By practicing  you should be able to create  perfect this graceful hairstyle. Pin curls are the basis for a great traditional vintage hairstyle. It very easy to get the hang of it. Many beautiful celebrities  has  both up-dos and messy up-dos.

Teens can have the pin curl look with famous sporting the pin curl updo look. Many teen girls will impress everyone at the dance with an easy 50s pin curl updo hairstyle look.

How to create 50s Pin Curls Updos Hairstyle

  • Take  a small section of damp hair near the root and dab on a tiny drop of gel.
  • Twirl the hair section around your forefinger in the direction which you want curls to end up going.
  • Then hold the curl across your scalp and slide the curl off of your finger.
  • Use a pin curl to hold the curl in place.
  • Dry the hairs. Many people leave their curls in overnight.  
  • Allow the curls to stay pinned the longer time your curls will last.
  • To create  tight curls  comb them out  and for looser fluffy curls brush a bit more.

Dress Up a Pin Curls Updo Hairstyle

A pin curls updo is very beautiful. It is also very plain.  You require a number of things in order to dress up a pin curls hairstyle. You can add some different hair accessories in order to add some pizzazz to the pin curls updo which makes you attractive. You can also add some fresh flowers or hair accessories that consist of flowers, butterflies, dragonflies or anything. Ornamental barrettes, bobby pins add a lot to this hairstyle.

Celebrity of 50s Pin Curls Updos Hairstyle

  • Penelope Cruz - Penelope Cruz has long curls and hairpin.
  • Katherine Heigl - Katherine Heigl has Pin Curls Updos Hairstyle.
  • Jessica Simpson - Jessica Simpson wear updo hairstyle with soft curly hairs.

Photo Gallery of 50s Pin Curls Updo Hairstyle

THe photo gallery involve the the images of different celebrity of Pin Curls Updo Hairstyle of 1950's. This photogallery shows you different hairstyles of Pin Curls Updo Hairstyle.

Tips for 50s Pin Curls Updos Hairstyle

  • Pin curls that are left in overnight create a longer and tighter set and they are good for a quick morning styling..
  • The end results of a pin curl set is depend on the size of each curl which is created.
  • Use good spray for tight curls.

Benefits of 50s Pin Curls Updos Hairstyle

  • Pin curls have main advantage of easy to create.
  • This hairstyle is comfertable to sleep in compared to the brush and rollers.
  • It take less time to style.