Beehive Hairdo Hairstyle

Now a day beehive hairdo hairstyle come back. Many women wears Beehive Hairdo Hairstyle which is similar to that of bee hive because of it's shape. The alternative name of this hairstyle is beehive hairdo hairstyle. The beehive hairstyle is very popular retro hairstyle. You can wear this hairstyle at any occasion.

Amy Winehouse with Beehive Hairstyle

Amy Winehouse is a singer. Amy has super simpler beehive hairstyle.

Drew Barrymore with Beehive Hairstyles

Drew Barrymore is actress. She drag her dark brown hairs with a smooth beehive in a bun. She create her soft bangs on front of her fore head. This hairstyle look her very beautiful.

Photo Gallery (Pictures) of Beehive Hairdo Hairstyle

Welcome to Photo gallery of beehive hairdo hairstyle. This photo gallery of beehive hairstyle involve the images of many celebrities. These celebrity images help you to create the beehive hairstyle.

Steps of Beehive Hairdo Hairstyle

Beehive Hairdo Hairstyle involves following steps.

  • First wash your hairs with the help of good quality shampoo and dry it with the help of towel and remove the curls after drying the hairs.
  • Then curl your hair with the help of curler iron which help to to increase the height and volume of hairs.
  • Then comb your hairs with the help of comb from the nape of nape of make and place bobby pins to hold the hairs.
  • You can make your curls ends more attractive be adding hairspray and hairpins.
  • After completion is building of style the front part of hair  with adding extra height building it around the sides of the beehive, or swoop it against  the forehead.
  • Lastly spray the to hold the hair for long time.

Modern Beehive Hairdo Hairstyles

There are many ways are available to make your hairstyle mire modern. The modern beehive hairstyle help to a beautiful wedding updo. Unique and a bit retro are mostly wears in the wedding occasion.

Beehive Hairdo Hairstyle Tips

  • Don't make your beehive hairdo taller than it's actual believe hairdo.
  • Avoid to place all hairs in beehive.