Cornrows Braid

Cornrows braid is very popular African American hairstyle. Cornrows braids is the beautiful African American hairstyle which is perfect for both women as well as men. All hair types are suitable for cornrows braid hairstyle. This braid hairstyle is easily managed. Cornrows can be formed in simple, straight lines, in complicated geometric designs.

Allen Iverson's cornrows braid hairstyle

Allen Iverson is great celebrity of cornrows braid hairstyle. Allen Iverson is sportsman of B-ball who has simple cornrows hairstyle. Allen’s hairstyle is simple cornrows braided hairstyle that set off to the back of his head and at left side not too long or not to short hair. These cornrows are braided in intermediate length braids hairstyle to create the hair show thicker. Allen’s cornrows braid hairstyle is an simple design and care free upholding hairstyle.

Hair care for cornrows braid hairstyle

After fresh cornrows are completed, to stay them in the finest state and create them final, using a silk scar to cover up your hair during sleep time. For cornrows braid, a lot of care are necessary to maintain hairstyle.

Objects for making Cornrows braid hairstyle

There are some things are required for creating fine cornrows braid hairstyle;

  • Hair spray
  • Elastic band
  • Some clips
  • Comb
  • Water spray

Tips for Cornrows braid hairstyle

  • Avoid dryness of hair by applying moisturizer.
  • Avoid heat on your hair for wonderful cornrows hairstyle.
  • You can use of wax for keeping smooth cornrows braid hairstyle.
  • You can use of moisturizing shampoo for the proper cornrows braid hairstyle.
  • For maintaining your cornrows hairstyle, you can protect your head with the help of scarf or cap.