Hair Dye

What is hair dye?

Dye is used for coloring of hair to styling hair. Hair dye is depend upon the eye colors, skin colors and texture of hair. There are different type of hair dyes used for styling hairstyles. Hair dye is used for highlighting hair for fashionable hair.

Types of hair dye product

There are three types of available hair dye product;

  1. Permanent hair dye product - Oxidation hair dye is type of permanent hair dye product. Paraphenelenediamine is a essential ingredient of permanent hair dyes. This dye is used for permanent dying of hair. Durability of this hair dye is longer than other dyes.
  2. Semipermanent hair dye product - Semipermanent hair dye is consist of liquid, gel or aerosol foams of dye. Semipermanent hair dye is necessary to maintain the color as the dye lighten with time, exposure to environment and normal washing of hair.
  3. Temporary hair dye product - Temporary hair dye is mainly obtainable in different product such as rinses, shampoos, gels, sprays etc. Coating action of temporary hair dye product is removable by simply shampoo. Acid dye is used in temporary hair dye product.

What is Blonde hair dye?

Blonde hair dye is used for blonde hairstyle. Mostly, Red color or their shades are used for blonde hairstyles. This is blonde hair dye. A blonde hair dyes can variety from light platinum to dark golden blonde which is consist of different shades of colors.

How to choose right hair dye?

Mostly, you can choose natural hair dye. Because natural hair dye has less side effect and it is generally not harmful. Choosing hair dye is depend upon the material used in hair dye. You can choose of hair dye according to your eye colors well as skin type. It is also depend upon texture of hair and natural color of hair. You can select hair dye from various type of hair dye.

What are the Disadvantages of Hair dye?

  • Excessive use of artificial hair dye can be damaged your hair.
  • Skin irritation and allergy may be caused by different hair dye.
  • Hair breakage may be possible by chemical of hair dye.
  • Colorings of hair used in several hair dyes could cause cancer.