Hair Perming

What is Hair Perming?

A hair perming is one type of chemical process that modifies the hair shape to generate a latest look. Permanent wavy hairstyle is known as perm hairstyle. Hair perming is the great way of styling hair for different beautiful look. Hair perming is really gives you latest hairstyle. You can use of hair perming for styling hair instead of blow dryer, curling iron.

Process of Hair Perming

Initially, the hair is washed and then cut around curler or a rod. Then perm cream is applied to the hair. This cream may be alkaline or acidic. Here perming cream reacts with the keratin of the cortex. The hair puff up and make softer so that it start the shape of the formers. Later than washing perming creams, you can apply neutralizing ointment. This reorganization the busted cross-links of hair, which is helpful in making harden hair into curly shape.

Acidic and Alkaline Hair Perm

Acidic hair perm make greatly conditioned and supple curls. This hair perm is perfectly suitable for fine, sensitive, fragile hair. Alkaline Hair Perms provide strong, solid curl hair to normal and challenging hair. Acidic hair perm is more harmful than Alkaline hair perm. Because Acidic hair perm is having gentle acidic action that can be reduces risk of hair damage.

Required things during perming hair

There are several things required for proper perming hairstyle

  • Gloves
  • Perm Rods
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Petroleum jelly

Tips for Hair Perming

  • Alkaline wave hair perm is one of the best hairs perming which is challenging hair with low elasticity and Asian hair and hair.
  • You can keep up perm hair style with perm revitalizes products which is gives moisture and shine to the hair.
  • Apply a rich protein conditioning treatment after usual shampoo to organize your hair for perming.
  • Additional hair care and attention are required for hair perming.
  • Freshly washed hair is necessary for proper hair perming.
  • For less wavy hairstyle, you can use of large perm rod in hair perming.
  • Dry hair is not suitable for perming hair.

Hair Perming Pictures

Here, you can find out several pictures of hair perming.