African American Hairstyle Ideas & Pictures

Hairstyles are a representation of the African American soul. Now a days with the help of online websites you can try out African American hairstyles. A short African American hairstyle can look wonderful to the perfect facial structure. African. American Hairstyle was worn by young black males from the 1920's to the 1960's. Black hairstyles require good care to keep shiny, smooth, and soft hairs. There are number of styles products to maintain good hair health.

African American Hairstyle Types

  • Afro Hairstyles - Afro hairstyle consist of clouding of hairs around the head.
  • Hair Braids - Hair braid is very common hairstyle. The parts of the hair are placed together and are worn by young children and adults.
  • Tight Ponytails - The hair is divided into equal parts and each part is braided completely and tied with a band. The braids are pull on back side of the head. it is easy to wear.
  • Dreadlocks - Dreadlocks means coiling of hairs that are interlocked. Dreadlocks are depend on the hair texture.
  • The Jheri Curl: - Among the African American people jheri curl is very famous. This hairstyle gives lustrous look with lot of curls. To create this hairstyle some chemicals are used.

African American Hairstyles for Teens

African American Teens have different options in styling their hairs. Teen hairstyles can be changed as often as the seasons. There are different type of braids that are worn by a teen. A popular hairstyle for teen girls is extensions. The extensions are help to give them extra length and thickness. Extensions are great for teens with shorter hair that want to create a nice long hairstyle. The punk hairstyle is also popular among the teen. the active sport boys always design corn rows style.

African American prom Hairstyles

The most traditional and popular hairstyles for prom will be the formal updo. You can decorate your hairstyle by adding a soft swept bang, color highlights and a flower hair accessory to look trendy. There are some prom hair updo's that can be created with soft bangs in the front as well as in the back.

African American wedding Hairstyles

Wedding is important occasion in African American. Choosing the best of all the African American wedding hairstyles to your wedding which is comfortable to you. The hairs are decorated with bells, bows and ribbons to make it beautiful. Don't choose you hairstyle yourself ask your friend which look good to you.

Finding Best African American Hairstyles

You can choose African American hairstyles from as plenty of styles as which you want. Halle Berry's hairstyle is very popular among African American women. Some African Americans choose to opt for a short hairstyle to achieve long hairstyle and then wear it in mixing with longer hair extensions. African American Hairstyle should require bit of maintenance. the regular maintenance help to become hairs soft and smooth with the Afro style. You can try your hairstyle at home in various occasion.

Photos Gallery & pictures of African American Hairstyles

The photo gallery of the African American Hairstyles consist of different pictures of celebrity. The celebrity wears different African American hairstyle. You can choose perfect hairstyle by comparing the pictures present in photo gallery.

Celebrity of African American Hairstyles

  • Ashanti Goes - Ashanti Goes has long and lovely gorgeous extensions.
  • Alicia Key's - Alicia Key's has a hairstyle which wrap a cord around her head twice.
  • Rachel - Rachel keep curls and maintains a fun and flirty style.

African American Hairstyles Tips

  • You have patience during carry out different African American hairstyles. It is possible to have the hairstyles of a Halle Berry.
  • Look at the Caucasian women to get the straight hairs. Many African American women select to get hair relaxers.
  • African American Hairstyles need a lot of care to maintain for good routine for your hair care.
  • Use extension to get waves.
  • It is very important to select hair color which is suitable for your skin color.