Hair Styles Cut, How to Choose Hairstyles

Hair cut means styling of hairs. The fashioning of hair is an important aspect of personal grooming, style, and makeup. The perfect identification face shape is important task to select a cut and style that flatter you. For styling to the hair some products are require like brylcreem, hair coloring, gel, wax, mousse, spray, glue and tonic. The hair cut change your life completely. The main aim of the great haircut is that maintain a healthy hairs that looks shiny. It also help to make easy to dressing while matching your face cut and style.

Choosing the right haircut & Hairstyle

Recognize your face shape, rub your hair back and look in the mirror at the size of your face and its angles. Compare your face  shapes described below:

Importance of a Great Haircut

  • Round - Round shape has fullness near the cheekbones. Select the hairstyle which give the roundness to your face. The haircut should increases the volume at the top of the head to give it an oval shape. The hair cut having shabby layers help to reduce the roundness. Avoid the style which will add roundness to your face.
  • Heart - Heart shape is wider at the top and a small delicate chin. Choose a haircut which will add width around the chin. A side swept hair bangs are compliment this face shape.
  • Long - Long shape face require the hair cut which will add the width to the face. A side swept long bangs would inform a current look. Bobs cut add the width. Avoid the cut which is too long and too much short. Fringes and short bangs at the top of the head are look good which add the width to your face.
  • Oval - Oval face shape is ideal for any hair cut. You can wear short, long, straight or wavy hair style because the face shape allow you to do so. Avoid short blunt cuts if the hair is thick and curly.
  • Square - Square shape has same width of the jaw line and forehead and the cheekbones. The curly and wave hairstyles are ideal for this shape.

Haircut for Short hairs

There are several things to consider before doing on short hair. This short hairstyle has lots of advantages. It save the time. It is versatile. It is also increase the height. It is suitable for ant occasion and also has low maintenance. For example - Bob etc

Haircut for Long hairs

There are several paths are available for stylish long hairstyles like waves, curls and different textures. The ponytail hairstyle is vary good for long hair. Long curly hairstyles are the best for any occasion. It require lots of maintenance. Women having long hairs have many ideas to make hairstyles. The long traces gives the natural look. For example - Long Curly haircut, Ponytail etc.

Haircut for Medium hairs

Most of the women like to wear medium hairstyles because it is safest and flexible hair lengths. Medium hairstyles are best for curly ringlets, waves or thick hairs at the ends. It is also best for ponytails. The medium hairstyles are best for prom night and parties.

Best Celebrity Haircut for Women

  • Jennifer Lopez - Jennifer Lopazis popular in long hairstyle's celebrities.
  • Angelina Jolie - Angelina Jolie is beautiful and attractive due to her short hair style.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar - Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the celebrity having French Braids .
  • Halle Berry - Halle Berry is celebrity of both medium length hairstyle as well as long length hairstyle.
  • Victoria Beckham - Victoria Beckham is famous for short haircut.
  • Jessica Simpson - Jessica Simpson is very popular celebrity of medium and long hairstyles.
  • Ines Sastre - Ines Sastre popular celebrities for her a natural beauty.
  • Angelnina's Cottage - Angelnina's Cottage popular for razor cut.
  • Kelly Ripa - Kelly Ripa famous for side ponytail.

Advice for Right Haircut

The aricals inspire you about hair cut.

  • The person having a big nose must have plenty of volume at the crown.
  • The person having a double or small chin, then select a bob cut that is shorter at the nape and longer at the front.
  • The long face having person should try fringe.
  • Oval and heart shaped faces suit short looks.
  • Trim the short hairs at every 4-6 weeks to look best.
  • Disturb your hair with your fingers to change the shape of the cut.