How to choose Hairstyles for oval face

The oval face shape is ideal in tghe world for any hairstyle. The oval face shape then you can select trendy hairstyles like stacked bob which will make other face shapes look weighty or unstable. Any length hairs like short, medium and long hair can look good on people with oval face shapes because of they are well  balanced.

The oval face is 60% longer from chin to hairline than from cheek to cheek. To highlight eyes, bangs can be added. Select the perfect hairstyle which will make you happy.

How to choose your oval face shape?

It is critical to know your face shape earlier to selecting a hairstyle. The shape of oval face is Curvilinear shape. Length is equal to one and a half times width with forehead and jaw the same width. The best method to decide your face shape is by pulling your hair back into a ponytail with the help of rubber band and standing in front of the mirror. Sketch your diagram by standing in front of mirror. Once you determine your face shape then you will decise your hairstyle.

Hairstyles for Oval shaped face

An oval shaped face is broad near the temples tapering down towards the chin. A short pixie cut with wisps that hit the center of your face.

Medium Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Selection of sedu hairstyles is the perfect option for A medium style if  your hair is not too thin or too curly. The medium hairstyle with bangs is really suits  for an oval face shape. The updo hairstyle for medium hairstyle is also a perfect selection for oval face shape. A shoulder length bob is also a good option of for those with oval faces with medium hairstyles.

Celebrity of Oval shaped face Hairstyles

  • Elle MacPherson - Elle MacPherson wears updo hairstyle.
  • Gisele Bundchen - Gisele Bundchen wear a long hairstyle with long wavy curls.
  • Kate Hudson - Kate Hudson's hair is parted slightly in center with different amounts of curls . The bangs are brushed to the sides.
  • Jennifer Aniston - Jennifer Aniston  has long hairstyle with slightly wavy and bangs at front.

Photo Gallery (Pictures) of Oval shaped face Hairstyles

The photo gallery of the Oval shaped face Hairstyles include many different type of hairstyle pictures which help to to select hairstyle for oval face shape.

Tips for Oval shaped face Hairstyles

  • Avoid covering with heavy bangs too forward-directed styles for perfect style.
  • The curly hairs having person look good in a short cut.
  • A ponytail will look good with oval face shape.
  • Long and short hairstyles will look wonderful on oval face shape.
  • Keep your hairs away from your face for nice face shape.
  • Try to avoid heavy border.
  • Hairdresser help you to determine your face shape.