Ponytail Hairstyles Steps, Types & Pictures

Ponytail hairstyles are very popular. Ponytails hairstyles look wonderful not only when worn by young girls but also look stylish and elegant on a mature age women. There are some of the different types of ponytail hairstyles are available which you want wear your hair up.

You can wear ponytail hairstyle at high , low and side. The high ponytail hairstyle used generally at gym while the low ponytail hairstyle wear at formal occasion.

Why Ponytail Hairstyles are so Popular?

Long and medium length hairs are best for wearing a ponytail. They are a popular options for young-aged girls. Keep in mind that ponytails can be stylish as well, however. The ponytail take less time to wear and gives stylish and attractive look. It gives stylish look and we can wear it at formal occasion.

Steps to Make a Beautiful Ponytail

For those that have long hair, ponytails are a great choice of hairstyle. The following steps guide us to create a beautiful ponytail.

  • For making ponytail hair strand should be dried. The wet strands of hairs can damage to the hair loss.
  • Brushing is important from the root of the hairs for smooth and sleek hairs.
  • Collect the strand of hairs in a place smoothly.
  • Apply the styling cream on ponytail. Apply some extra cream at the top of the head.
  • Collect the hairs along the front hairline and sides into a neat tail by using brush and finger
  • At the end fix the ponytail with Blax and make sure that the ponytail should be comfortable.

Popular Ponytail Hairstyles Types

  • Sleek and simple ponytails - For simple and sleek hairstyle your hair should be silky and shiny placing it in good condition by using with good quality hair products.
  • High Ponytail Hairstyles - This hairstyle is very common for daily use. This type of ponytail wear up at high. It looks best with smooth, straight hair. Due to this hairstyle you want relax. Generally it is wear in summer days.
  • Double tails ponytail - This double tail ponytail hairstyles are mostly common with children. This hairstyle is wear at the top of the head in to two parts. First two part of the hairs are done and then it wear.
  • Messy Ponytail Hairstyles - Messy hairstyle is very famous today. Wear the pony as usual and then spray a volumizing or curling hair product on the ponytail section of your hair.
  • Neck Ponytail Hairstyles - The ponytail which is wear near the neck. The hairs are pulled down at the back of the neck with rubber band.
  • Wild Ponytail Hairstyle - Wild Ponytail Hairstyle is wear at the top of the head. The ponytail is back comb to give messy look. Today many young girls wear this ponytail hairstyle.

Celebrity of Ponytail Hairstyles

  • Halle Berry - Halle Berry worn the lighter ponytail with ideal length bangs at front.
  • Jennifer Aniston - Jennifer Aniston Wears a high pony at the back side.
  • Nicole Richie - Nicole Richie has side ponytail.
  • Tyra Banks - Tyra Banks wear dramatic ponytail. This type of ponytail is high, tight ponytail is swingy and completely sexy.

Photo Gallery of (Pictures) Ponytail Hairstyles

Welcome to photo gallery of Ponytail Hairstyles. The photo gallery of the Ponytail Hairstyles include the pictures of different celebrities which wears different type of Ponytail Hairstyles. These images of Ponytail Hairstyles help us to create this type of hairstyle.

Tips for Ponytail Hairstyles

  • The slick ponytail is the necessary cool hairstyle for fashionable girls who want that offhand hip look.
  • For a tighter ponytail falls the hair elastic into position and change hands to give it a second or third twist.
  • Use the palm of your hand to clutch the hair easily and place it up before brushing.
  • For a tighter ponytail, slip the hair elastic into position and change hands to give it a second or third twist.
  • Hold the base of ponytail to remove the elastic from ponytail.
  • For messy ponytail produce rough surface to your hair.