Basket Weave Braid hairstyle, Basket Weave Braid hair styling Picture & Photos


Stuffs you need to arrange basket weave braid hairstyling

You will need handful of things to make the basket intertwine braid. Here are they:
  • Styling comb
  • Scrunchie

Time: 10 minutes
Easy/Difficulty: needs practice
Hair type: mid length to Long and straight

Basket weave braid hairstyles

  1. Separate the hair into seven equal strands - three strands on furthermore side of the countenance and single at the centre back.
  2. First at the right side, cross the first strand that is adjacent to the countenance over the second strand.
  3. Cross the third strand over the second strand.
  4. Do again above steps. What was in the beginning the first strand in each set has now become the third strand.
  5. Get the third strand on the right side above the central strand, and below the third strand on the left side.
  6. Take the first strand on the right side above the second strand beneath the central strand.
  7. Do again above 6 steps on left side. Lastly, hold by a scrunchie.

Pictures of basket weave braid styles

Here are some pictures of basket weave braid: