Crown Braids hairstyle, Crown Braids hair styling Picture & Photos

By making the ponytail of crown hair. This will allow the remaining hair to frame so you can get an interedting feature of texures.

Things you need to make crown craids hairstyling

You will need handful of stuff to prepare the crown craids. Here are they:

  • mall covered bands,
  • large clip,
  • comb,
  • alice band

Time: 15 minutes
Easy/Difficulty: needs practice
Hair type: Mid-length to long and naturally curly or permed

How to make crown craids hairstyle? - Different Steps

  1. To clip up the crown side hair on one side of head and backside hair will stay free. Get a few hairs at ear level and go over it instantly.

  2. The braiding is beginning with rather fixed, doing single cross and gradually get hair into the outside strand.

  3. Repeat the fist 2 steps, captivating the braid towards the back side of the head.
  4. Create a new parting regarding 2.5 cm in parallel to and on top of the earlier braid and repeat the process. Continue like this until every one the front hair has been braided. Crunch the left behind hair into flattering curls to raise the volume. Lastly, adjoin a ornamental alice band.alice band.

Crown Braids hair style Tips

Clip up the top hair on one side of your head, leaving the back hair free. Take a small section of hair at ear level and comb it straight.

Pictures of crown craids styles

Here are some pictures of crown craids: