Curly Styler hairstyle, Curly Styler hair styling Picture & Photos

For the ponytail styling the styler use to tame a mass of curls. For the formation of a ponytail simply with the double twist of the hair.

Things you need to make curly styler hairstyling

You will need handful of stuff to prepare the curly styler. Here are they:

  • covered band,
  • styler

Time: 10 minutes, depending on experience
Easy/Difficulty: quite easy
Hair type: Long, curly hair

How to do curly styler hairstyle? - Various Steps

  1. For the combing make use of a comb with delicately tooth to soft the hair back and into a ponytail.Here hair covered with band.
  2. In curly styler hairstyle use the styler.
  3. To strand the ponytail in the course of the style.

Pictures of curly styler styles

Here are some pictures of curly styler: