Double-stranded Braids hairstyle, Double-stranded Braids hair styling Picture & Photos

The clever braids have a fishbone model which gives an extraordinary look to the given hair style.

Stuffs you need to prepare double-stranded braids hairstyling

You will need handful of stuff to make the double-stranded braids. Here are they:

  • covered band,
  • styler comb,
  • coloured feathers,
  • two short lengths of fine leather

Time: 10 minutes
Easy/Difficulty: needs practice
Hair type: Long, straight one length

How to do double-stranded braids hairstyle? - Various Steps

  1. Intially create a some part of hair in the centre then comb it instantly.
  2. Separate the hair on one side of head into two threads. Take a correct part from the back of the back thread and take it above to unite the front strand.
  3. Get some part of front part strand of front head and cross it above the back strand. Get well part from back strand and take it over to join the front strand. That’s way your hair looks like fishbone. Secure the last ends with some bands & feathers. On the other side same procedure is applied.

Pictures of double-stranded braids styles

Here are some pictures of double-stranded braids: