French Pleat hairstyle, French Pleat hair styling Picture & Photos

The mid length to long hair which can be converted into a traditional, stylish french pleat in a stuff of minutes.

Things you need to make french pleat hairstyling

You will need handful of stuff to prepare the french pleat. Here are they:

  • comb,
  • hair pins,
  • hairspray

Time: 5- 10 minutes
Easy/Difficulty: quite easy
Hair type: mid length to long hair

How to make french pleat hairstyle? - Different Steps

  1. Backcombing all your hair.
  2. Comb your crosswise to the centre back and make the centre of the pleat by criss crossing hair pins in a line from the crown downwards.
  3. Gently level the hair around from the another side, leaving the front part free and insert the ends under it.
  4. Fasten with pins, then smoothly comb the front part up and around to combine with the top of the crease. Spray with hairspray to hold.

How To Create a french pleat

This style has various names. You might recognize it as a French Roll or French Pleat. Those are two of the most common names, but I'm sure there are lots of others. Here are the steps you need to create french pleat hair style -

Brush out tangles from hair. Pull all the hair from one side to the back of your head and hold in place by criss crossing bobby pins vertically up the back of the head. This should help to keep your style smooth. Bring the hair from the other side to the back of the head and begin to form the roll. It is very important to keep the roll as smooth as possible. When this step has been completed, pin in place, covering the criss crossed bobby pins from the last step.  The pins should be slid into the edge of the roll and completely hidden from view. Mist with your favorite styling spray.

Pictures of french pleat styles

Here are some pictures of french pleat: