Heidi Braids hairstyle, Heidi Braids hair styling Picture & Photos

The three-strand braids are great side with flower slides and a fine hair-band.

Things you need to make heidi braids hairstyling

You will need handful of stuff to prepare the heidi braids. Here are they:

  • covered bands,

  • vent brush,

  • round slides,

  • fine hairband

Time: 5 minutes
Easy/Difficulty: easy
Hair type: straight , shoulder length

How to make heidi braids hairstyle? - Different Steps

  1. Part your hair from the centre.
  2. Comb your hair gentky to the head.
  3. Tighten your hair in two ponytails, one behind each ear.
  4. Part one ponytail into three equal strands and hold them apart.
  5. Braid by taking the right strand over the centre strand, the left strand over the centre, and the right over the centre again, keeping the braid even.
  6. Lastly, repeat to the end of your hair and secure the ends in a round slide. Do the same for other side and add a fine hair band.

Pictures of heidi braids styles

Here are some pictures of heidi braids: