Pigtail Crimp hairstyle, Pigtail Crimp hair styling Picture & Photos

Great for parties and discos, crimping adds extra interest to an upswept.

Things you need to make pigtail crimp hairstyling

You will need handful of stuff to prepare the pigtail crimp. Here are they:

  • covered bands,
  • styling brush, grips,
  • crimping iron with a deep-wave plate,
  • hair spray

Time: 10 minutes
Easy/Difficulty: quite easy
Hair type: mid length, straight with layers

How to make pigtail crimp hairstyle? - Different Steps

  1. Start all the stying with shampooing and conditioning your hairs. Do remember to dry the hair naturally.
  2. The fringe of the hair is divided off. The partition of hair is done at the nape leaving the forehead partition aside.
  3. Now smoothly brush each side of your hair upwards and secure in a ponytail. Secure bothe the ponytails with covered bands.
  4. Make a loop by one of the ponytail and thread the far ends using covered band. Repeat the same step with other ponytail.
  5. Fasten the looped hair with sufficient grips.
  6. Now starting with one ponytail, slightly hold a hot crimping iron on loose sections. Make the tension up for few seconds and then let go the crimping plates. This way move along the hair section and apply hot crimping iron again.
  7. Make a uniform effect by applying crimping plate properly.
  8. Repeat these steps using sections of hair randomly.
  9. Last but not the lease. mist the hair by using a hairspray.

Pigtail Crimp hair style Tips

Most crimping irons coem with a selection of plates - try using different ones to create a mixute of texures for an even more interesting effect.

Pictures of pigtail crimp styles

Here are some pictures of pigtail crimp: