Ponytail Styler hairstyle, Ponytail Styler hair styling Picture & Photos

A simple ponytail can be transformed easily and quickly using this clever styler.

Things you need to make ponytail styler hairstyling

You will need handful of stuff to prepare the ponytail styler. Here are they:

  • covered band,
  • ponytail

Time: 10 - 15 minutes, depending on experience
Easy/Difficulty: quite easy
Hair type: Long, straight one length

How to make ponytail styler hairstyle? - Different Steps

  1. Hold the hair and form a ponytail. After that use a covered band to secure them and insert a hair styler.
  2. Start threading the ponytail across the hair styler.
  3. Pull the ponytail through the styler. Continue pulling which can smooth the hair as well.
  4. Now smooth the hair section with your hands and repeat the steps above to make a delicate and smooth loop called chignon loop.

Ponytail Styler hair style Tips

To smooth any flyaway ends, rub a few drops of serum inn the palms of your hands and smooth over the hair.

The same technique can be used on wet hair as long as you can apply gel first, combing it through evenly before styling.

Ponytail Styler Comments

where can I obtain a ponytail styler? By Anne

Hi, Where can I buy a ponytail styler and how much will it cost?

Pictures of ponytail styler styles

Here are some pictures of ponytail styler: