Rick Rack Braids hairstyle, Rick Rack Braids hair styling Picture & Photos

You can achieve a colourful style by braiding the hair with rick-rack to give a young fresh hairstyle.

Things you need to make rick rack braids hairstyling

You will need handful of stuff to prepare the rick rack braids. Here are they:

  • small covered bands,
  • coloured rick-rack

Time: Time consuming
Easy/Difficulty: quite easy
Hair type: naturally curled or permed

How to make rick rack braids hairstyle? - Different Steps

  1. Prepare the braid in the front side of hair as described in crown braids section.
  2. Now fasten three small strands of ric-rack hair together at one of the end and pin them to the covered band at one of the braid.
  3. Grab a a section of hair dividing it into three equal strands. Now align them in one piece of rick rack along with each strand.
  4. Start braiding and continue down till ends of the hair. At the end, use the rick-rack to fasten it.

Rick Rack Braids hair style Tip

Naturally curly or permed hair benefits from regular intensive conditiong.

Pictures of rick rack braids styles

Here are some pictures of rick rack braids: