Twist and Braid hairstyle, Twist and Braid hair styling Picture & Photos

Add interest to a classic style by twisting the sides of the hair and then weaving them into a braid.

How to make twist and braid hairstyle? - Different Steps

  • Take a small section of hair on one side of your head, just above your ear, and part it into two equal strands.
  • Start twisting the two strands of hair together. Continue twisting downwards, towards the end of the hair.
  • Tighten the twist by hair pin at the nape of the neck, then repeat these two steps on the other side.
  • Incorporate the twisted sections into a basic three-stranded braid. To braid, simply split the hair into three equal parts, taking the twisted sections into left and right strands.
  • Then bring the right strand ove rthe centre, and then the right over the centre again.
  • Continue this to the end.
  • Lastly, secure the end with a covered band and decorate with a clip bow.

Things you need to make twist and braid hairstyling

You will need handful of stuff to prepare the twist and braid. Here are they:

  • hair grips or pins,
  • covered band,
  • clip bow.

Time: 5 minutes
Easy/Difficulty: Quite easy
Hair type: Long and straight, either all one length or with a fringe (bangs)

Twist and Braid hair style Tip

Smooth any stray ends of hair with a dine mist of hairspray.

Pictures of twist and braid styles

Here are some pictures of twist and braid: