Head Lice Cure

Head lice are parasitic wingless insects. Head lice do not spread disease. Head lice is not disease but it is cure easily using some medications and precautions. To cure the lice comb is preferably used. The combs are present in different form and which is not harmful to children's. It is very important to control a head louse infestation by using effective treatment. Some times some medications uses more amount of chemicals which are harmful to hair and health also. While before using any medication see the way of this using and take precautions.

Treatment for of Head Lice

There are some treatments used to remove the head lice are as follows:

  • Insecticidal treatments- Lyclear are the only clinically proven treatment against head lice.
  • Pediculicides are the pesticides used to eliminate head lice.
  • Regularly checking your own and your child's hair is the best prevention.
  • Various shampoos, lotions creams are used to treat the lice.
  • Some essential oils, including tea tree oil, can trigger a reaction in some people.
  • Thorough combing is as important as the use of the medication.
  • Vinegar, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, baby oil, cooking oil is useful for the removal of head lice.
  • Nuvo lotion is the nontoxic lotions used to treat head lice.
  • Reduce transmission by tying hair back and braiding.
  • Follicel is used to treat the head lice.
  • Lice Squad ® is used to treat the head lice.
  • Wet-combing is cheap and safe for the head lice.

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