How to Get Rid of Nits?

Head lice are seen in children's and adults also. Head lice is the sucking lice that is seen in human and animals also. It causes itching to the body's allergic reaction to the bite. Lice and nits are present at the neckline and behind the ears. Head lice derive nutrient by blood-feeding once.

Some of the useful tips to get rid of nits

  • Daily check the head if lice and nits are not gone then repeat the same procedure to remove the head louse.
  • Pour a cup of white vinegar into a pitcher of water. Vinegar is also supposed to help loosen the eggs. Wash the hair out with the vinegar rinse and then with water.
  • Machine wash all clothing, towels, bed linens and blankets in hot water and dry for at least 20 minutes on the highest heat cycle of your clothes dryer.
  • For ridding lice is castor oil is coat hair cover with disposable shower cap leave on over night and then wash the hair.
  • Don't use head lice affected persons comb, pillow, head phones and some other things related to this person.
  • Hairbrushes need only be washed with vinegar and placed in the freezer overnight.
  • For removing the nits completely soak the hair with white vinegar and then apply a damp towel soaked in the same solution. Then comb out with a fine-tooth nit comb.
  • To prevent future infections always quarantine anything suspect such as a hat purchased from a thrift store.
  • Bug Buster comb are used to reduce the nits from the hair.
  • Disperse thick conditioner thoroughly through the hair of the affected person.
  • Head lice can be treated with specially medicated shampoo.

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