Home Remedy For Head Louse

There are so many home remedies for head louse which can remove head lice without any infection. The head lice treatment remedies are safe and natural.

Simple Home Remedies for the removal of the Head Louse

  • Use equal measures of salad oil and vinegar apply to dry hair massage through hair covering entire head. After 15 min is brush hair then use nit comb through hair.
  • By using proper combing we can remove the head lice.
  • Mix neem leaves, basil leaves and 8-10 cloves and grind to make a thick paste using beer.
  • Put three teaspoons of lemon juice in a small container. Pour in one tablespoon of butter. Apply to hair and wait 15 minutes and rinse hair.
  • Mix a 50:50 solution of mineral oil, baby oil and vinegar. Massage it into the hair and cover for 1 hour with a shower cap then wash with ordinary shampoo.
  • An anti-lice oil can be mixed with coconut oil and 0.2 per cent lindane. This oil can be rubbed well into the scalp to kill lice.
  • Take about 8-10 almonds and grind them to form a paste with 2-3 tsp of limejuice. Apply the paste on the scalp and let it remain for half an hour. Then wash head.
  • Mix well Eucalyptus essential oil - 20 drops, tea tree oil - 20 drops, aniseed essential oil - 10 drops, lemon oil - 10 drops in about 75 ml olive oil. Apply it to hair thoroughly, leave it there for an hour.
  • Place mayonaise on head and rub in. After drying mayonaise mix half olive oil and half white vinegar to coat hair well. Then comb the hair and wash hair with shampoo. This will repeat for few days.
  • Vaseline is used to left on overnight under a shower cap and then washed out the next day.
  • For head lice use Listerine which can be spray on the affected persons head and after 10 min wash the hair the effect is seen very urgentely.
  • Pour the lamp oil on the head wait for 15 min then comb the hair after doing this rinse the hair with shampoo.

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