Homeopathic Head Louse Treatment

Homeopathic head louse treatment contain so many treatments for removing the head louse. The homeopathic head louse treatment is pleasant, safe, effective and easy to use.

What are the Homeopathic Head Lice Treatment?

  • Suave Coconut shampoo is used to remove the head louse.
  • Pour white vinegar on hair and wrap hair in shower cap after applying vinegar for about 15-20 minutes. Use a nit comb to comb out the nits. 
  • Insecticides such as phenothrin is used as ahead louse treatment.
  • Licefreee® Non-Toxic Lice Treatment which control and stop the infestation without the use of pyrethrum.
  • Mayonaise is effective for the head louse treatment.
  • Wet combing is mostly used treatment in homeopathic head louse treatment.
  • Massage the head using olive oil leaving it on overnight after combing.
  • Delacet is useful in eliminating head lice.
  • Homeopathic gentle shampoo-conditioner which eliminates the head lice and easy to comb out nits.
  • Most involve shampooing with insecticide shampoo and coming with a nit removing comb.
  • X-pel is used as non toxic homeopathic head louse treatment.

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