Naturally Cure Head Louse

Head lice are seen in children's and adults also. Head lice is the sucking lice that is seen in human and animals also. It causes itching to the body's allergic reaction to the bite. Head louse is not health hazardous. Lice and nits are present at the neckline and behind the ears. Head lice derive nutrient by blood-feeding once. To cure the head louse naturally is safe and more effective.

Ways for Naturally Cure Head Louse

  • Pyrethrins is used for to treat the head louse which is insecticide and more effective treatment.
  • Natural lice spray is used to cure the head louse.
  • Pour the olive oil on the head and leave for the night then next day wash the hair.
  • Follicel is the natural medicine used for the head lice.
  • Lice free is used to cure the head louse.
  • Put three teaspoons of lemon juice in a small container. Pour in one tablespoon of butter. Apply to hair and wait 15 minutes and rinse hair.
  • Shampoo the hair with pure oils such as tea tree and peppermint oil. The process is repeated once every two days over a period of eight days.
  • There are numerous natural oils which are used with caution because of unknown toxic effects and unproven benefit.
  • The oils of anise and ylang ylang are effective for clearing infestations of head lice.
  • Licender products are also effective for the head louse.
  • Battery operated lice combs which detect stun lice and are non-toxic.
  • Grooming is most effective to the control of head lice.
  • Comb the hair with nit comb which can remove head louse easily.

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