What Head Lice and Nits Look Like

Head lice is also known as pediculosis. Head lice are parasitic wingless insects and are tiny gray or brown insects. Head lice is seen in human and animals. In human, it is seen in children's and adults also. It is mostly seen in children's which are between the age of 5 to12 years. Head lice is not health hazardous. Head lice have the life span is about 2 weeks. Head lice can live up to 3 days off the scalp. Head lice are size of sesame seed. Head lice is usually 2 to 4mm and have 6 legs. They need a warm, moist habitat.

Nits are also called as lice eggs. Nits are tiny yellow, tan dots before they hatch. Eggs are usually within 1.5 cm of the scalp. Nits are empty white egg shells which are left when the lice hatch. Tiny eggs on the hair look like flakes of dandruff. It stick to hair very close to the scalp. The eggs can survive for up to 3 days. These eggs are tiny white beads and oval. An egg normally undergoes a 7-9 day incubation before hatching as a baby nymph. Eggs are hatch are usually located within 1/4 inch of the scalp. The size of egg is 0.8mm by 0.3mm. The top of the egg supplies air and humidity to the developing louse. At cooler temperatures (50 - 68oF) eggs may hatch up to 30 days later.

Head Lice is occur due to using infected comb, towels, pillows etc.and some resting head person to person. For the prevention of the head lice children's should be instructed that to do not share hats, clothing with their head lice affected classmates. Head lice is contagious and can spread quickly from person to person. Head lice themselves are not a health hazard but it is caused by unclanliness. Schools, jails, hospitals, boarding houses and other crowded living quarters need a public health educational program for effective lice control.

Any treatment does not kill head lice completely so for that we can take cleanliness of our hair. By using the proper combing we may be remove nits. Aromatherapy is also essential for this head lice which may made from the herbal oils. For the head lice various Medicare and home remedies are used for the treatment of head lice. Head lice rarely cause direct harm. Head lice do not spread disease. The louse's saliva and feces may sensitize people to their bites. It causes itching and loss of sleep. Prescription medication are available for treatment. Head lice live for about three weeks. Early detection and screening for lice and nits are the best ways to manage an infestation.


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