Hives Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies of hives

What is Hives?

Hives is also known as Urticaria, nettle rash, cynanche trachealis or uredo. Hives is a allergic skin condition in which the skin become red or pale in color with raised patches ( 5mm in diameter). These rashes cause swollen and itchy area on the skin. Hives is a result of an allergic response to substance such as poison ivy, certain medications, allergens or food. Hives can appear to any area of the skin. It occurs in the form of ring or large patches around the hands, feet, throat, tongue, ears, lips.

Home Remedies for the treatment of Hives

  • Apply aloe vera gel on the affected area twice in a day.
  • Take a bath with ice cold water and sit in front of a fan for 5 minutes and wear very thin and loose cloths.
  • Take a regular weekly massage of warm olive oil or sunflower oil for an itchy scalp.
  • Apply fresh sliced carrots on a itchy scalp.
  • Take 2 teaspoons of fresh, crushed mint leaves, boiled it and keep into an ice tray.When ice is being ready apply it on irritated skin area.
  • Have a cup of green tea twice in a day.
  • Drink 10 glasses of water to reduce toxins from the body on a daily basis.

Causes of Hives

Various causes of hives are allergy (Chronic urticaria), food or medicines like aspirin and some other painkillers (Acute), sun exposure (Physical urticaria). Other causes of hives are as follows:

  • Pollen
  • Release of histamine
  • Dilation of capillaries
  • Inhalants such as animal danders
  • Cold temperatures.
  • Sunlight
  • Prolonged pressure
  • Plant substances
  • Emotional stress
  • Infections like bacterial, viral or parasitic
  • Exercise
  • Anxiety

Symptoms of Hives

  • Swelling on the skin with red colored welts
  • Itching
  • Marks of acne like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules
  • Sudden onset
  • Nausea, cough, cold sweats, dry throat
  • Unconsciousness
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Chest tightness
  • Abdominal cramping

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How to get rid of Hives?