Sunburn remedy - Best Home Remedies for curing sunburn

Sunburn is also called as ultraviolet rediation, solar erythema. Sunburn is an acute cutaneous inflammatory reaction A sunburn is redding of the skin burn from sun. Sunburn is very dangerous and causes skin cancer. Sunburn results from sun or sun equivalent exposure. Who visits beach, works in yard can get sunburn. Causes of Sunburn are Exposure to too much ultraviolet light, Hazy or cloudy days, Premature aging of the skin.

Symptoms of sunburn are

  • Skin redness and irritation.
  • Skin loss within 4-7 days.
  • Pain.
  • Itching.
  • Rash.
  • Swelling.
  • Fever.

Sunburn Home Remedies

Put 20 drops of calendula tincture in four ounces of water and bathe the skin until the pain goes away. Calendula is also available in gels and salves. Calendula will help soften and heal burned skin. It is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, and can be used long after the burn to heal the skin.

Mix wheat flour, milk, olive oil, or barley flour, honey, and raw egg white paste to make a mixture. Use this mixture for treating sunburn. It will be prove best home remedy for sunburn skin. Taking a bath of tide laundry detergent will provide relief from sunburn blisters.

If you find the smell of vinegar or milk too intense, you can wrap dry oatmeal in some gauze or cheesecloth and run cool water through it, suggests Dr. Haberman. Wring out the excess water and apply the cloth for 20 minutes every two to four hours.

Make a compress of whole milk (or buttermilk) and apply to the burned area for 20 minutes; repeat every two to four hours. Wash the milk off so you won't smell sour! The fat content of the milk is soothing for sunburns.

Home Remedies to cure and prevent sunburn

  • Drink plenty of fluids which helps to your body hydrated.
  • Apply cold aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, or plantain to help heal sunburn.
  • Apply ice on the burn area.
  • Keep the fresh cucumber slice on the burned patch.
  • Apply the sandal wood paste on the burned area.
  • Take a mixture of olive oil and vinegar and apply an hour before the bath.
  • Take slice mash tomato and apply it to burn.
  • Take bath of cool water.
  • Always wear protecting cloths.
  • Make a paste of Barley, turmeric and yogurt in equal proportions. Apply it over the area of sunburns for sunburn relief.

Remedies for burnt skin

Apply ice or cold water to the burned area. This will stop the burning process and cool the skin. Apply aloe vera or vinegar on the affected skin; it will stop inflammation and pain. Avoid products made from benzocaine, lidocaine and petroleum jelly used in treating sunburn. Rub mustard oil on the affected skin and allow to it dry, this will take out the heat from the skin. Cut fresh cucumber slices and rub them on the affected area for sunburn and tan. Before taking bath, add some baking powder to the bath water, this will help to soothe the burnt skin.

Homemade Sunburn Treatment using St. Johns Wort

Make an ointment or salve with the essential oil of St. Johns wort for burns that have not broken the skin. It is anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial.

Homemade Sunburn relief using Lemon water

Lemon water Mix the juice of three lemons into two cups of cold water and sponge on the sunburn. The lemon will cool the burn, act as a disinfectant, and will promote healing of the skin.