How to get rid of bed bug?

What is a bed bug?

After all days work all one wants is a good night sleep. But how many of us get this sleep. Either we are troubled by our thoughts in our mind or get a prick by the bed bugs. Yes this has become the biggest problem for many people. Many times people wonder is there any solution for these kinds of problem. But this is technology driven World and this World has answer and solution to all kinds of problems. For those of you who are not aware of what a bed bug is, bed bugs are the warm blooded insects that live on human’s blood.

Every time you go to sleep you feel the prick and this prick is not in your dreams but real. They are hardly visible in the beds and people realize its existence only when they try to sleep over their favourite bed. It requires a complete examination of the bed to come to a conclusion of the existence of the bed bugs. The only way to find out its existence is to take a torch and examine deep in the bed. One cannot find it through the naked eye. It is quite impossible.

A solution to many!

Rubbing alcohol is one way through which one can prevent the multiplication of the bug. One can use the dish brush to rub the alcohol and this stops the growth of the bed bug. There are lots of pest control firms that are available in the market and one has to make use of these firms to the fullest extent. Make it a point to clean the bed that you use every now and then to make sure that you don’t suffer from the bed bug bite every night. Make it a point to glue the gaps or cracks to make sure tha the bug does not penetrate.