How to get rid of Callus?

What is Callus?

Do you think the removal of calluses is good for your health? No is the answer for this question. Calluses are actually good for you health. These are the natural defence that the bod has in order to prevent the formation of the friction when a constant force is applied at one point for prolonged time duration. Take for instance the platform shoes the women wear. Most women tend to wear the platform shoes every now and then. They do not know the side effects that the body faces upon wearing the platform shoes.

The tips to get rid of it

When the body has fewer calluses then the resultant is the formation of corns. In other words the formation of dead skin is the main result of the constant force that is applied on the heel. So what is the only solution that is there for this kind of problem? The only solution that is left to the user is prevention. Apart from the prevention there are still more solutions for these kinds of problems. Always make it a point to wear shoes that fit your leg properly. Do not go for shoes that are tight near your fingers. There should be atleast a little gap between your fingers and shoe.

One has to be comfortable when it comes to wearing shoes and there should not be any trade off for this. Many people prefer to wear shoes that are tight at the ends and these people are prone to get affected with calluses. Make it a point to wear gloves to make sure that you are not affected by the disease. Make use of the moisturiser to make sure that your hands are not dry. Men usually do not use moisturiser and this is the sole reason why most men suffer from this kind of disease.