How to get rid of Ear Hair?

About ear hair

It is a universal truth that men grow more hair, in more places then most women can ever even imagine. Facial, chest, leg, pubic, and back hair are all “normal” places for someone to have hair whether male or female (much less accepted in females however). Nose hair is accepted by most people as an unsightly, but inevitable sign of aging. Ear hair is just awful. It is disgusting to look at or feel, horribly itchy, even discomforting. Worst of all ear hair does not ever stop growing if left untreated! If you are tired of ear hair, then do not fear, there are a variety of treatments out there and one of them is sure to fit you and your ears.

What causes ear hair?

Ear hair is like life. Scientists do not know the exact cause of it, but they have a couple of good leads and a hypothesis or two. Most scientists agree that ear hair is caused by either genetics or a hormonal imbalance or both. As the human body ages, the hormones it has faithfully produced for years can start being produced erratically and in excess. When people age (especially males) their hormone levels of such hormones as androgen and testosterone begin to fluctuate more. This hormone fluctuation affects the development of hair growth on the human body. Numerous scientific and cosmetic studies have shown that this fluctuation may be related to a person’s genetics. Case in point, people who are related to people with ear hair are likely to get ear hair themselves. Do you need to consign yourself to a fate of unsightly ear hair because of the curse of your genetics and hormones? Never! There are many ways to treat and remove your ear hair; some of the treatments are permanent.

How do you eradicate ear hair?

There is no reason to believe that you were destined to have ear hair, or that there is nothing you can do about it. You can pluck them out with tweezers, get cream that will remove it, and even get laser hair removal treatment that will burn the follicles of your ear hair and ensure that it can never grow again.